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Despite Holiday Bugs, its Christmas Business as Usual

Published on: Friday, December 15, 2017

This week is usually dominated by one theme. It is wall to wall Christmas events as we gather together as a community to share in each other’s fellowship, peace, companionship, goodwill and camaraderie. It has absolutely been that way again this year but another theme has certainly had a bearing – illness. It also seems we are sharing in each other’s bugs and children, staff and parents have fallen victim to the lurgy and been removed from the scene at various times over the last seven days. It certainly feels that the holidays are a welcome ‘firebreak’ on the road back to our communal health.

There were only 3 children in 3G on Monday and Mrs Gompels herself was away on Thursday (any connection?), we had double figures of staff away at one point and yet performances, trips, celebrations, gatherings and parties have all taken place as they should: just look through the evidence in the Newsletter. A massive thank you to the many unsung heroes who make this all possible with their enormous efforts behind the scenes.

I do hope that you all stay hale and hearty over the Christmas season and share many warm moments, fine fayre, lovely libations and can immerse yourself in festive fun, frolics, family and friends as often as possible.

Until 2018, all good wishes to you from HEADlines.

Seasonal Cheer and Merriment Still the Order of the Day!

Published on: Friday, December 8, 2017

Today saw the first mince pie of the festive season brought to my lips! After this morning’s Nursery Nativity the throng of parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and friends etc all enjoyed a cup of tea and seasonal sustenance over which to ‘ooh and ahh’ about the magical charm of the tiny children’s portrayal of the familiar story.

Last night, I watched the excellent production of ‘The Great Gatsby’ at the College with several former King’s Hall pupils involved: following the School of Rock I have seen plenty of shows recently and still have the Pre-Prep Nativity to look forward to next Friday.

Earlier in the week I popped up to Shrewsbury to spend some time with our new Director of Finance and Operations from January, Simon Worthy. It was really good to see him on his own patch and get to understand a little more about each other. Furthermore, he is currently at Prestfelde School, a 30 acre suburban prep school, and it is always a pleasure and a benefit to observe how others do something similar to yourself – I noticed that parents and grandparents enjoyed their tea and biscuits after their Nursery Nativity in a very similar way! I know Simon is very excited about the move to King’s Schools and looking forward to becoming involved in the multifarious aspects of the role.

On to ‘the big day’ … I see the odds on a white Christmas are currently 4/1! Today there has been a great deal of chatter amongst the children (and adults!) hoping for a quick blanket of white here to add to the increasingly seasonal mood. It doesn’t look likely to fall thickly enough to affect our Carol Service on Sunday which is good as the choirs have been preparing and it will be lovely to see all the Prep families for a fabulous celebration together… followed by more mince pies!

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is Coming!

Published on: Friday, December 1, 2017

Pinch, punch, first day of the month. Winter ‘officially’ begins today. The season of Advent begins on Sunday, although no doubt children (and at least one adult I know) have enjoyed starting their advent calendar countdown this morning. Christmas trees have started appearing around the school today ready for decoration. Nativity rehearsals are creeping in as are the distant sounds of carols being prepared. I can almost hear Andy Williams crooning “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”.

There is a definite sense of entering the season of goodwill that means so much to us all. An important haven each year as we will relax to fully immerse ourselves in that which is most important to us all: our families and friends. True, there are exams for four classes next week but Christmas treats are being lined up everywhere, the weather is doing its bit to be Jack Frost and the level of good cheer (despite the increasing busyness) is high.

Having had seasonal events such as Remembrance and fireworks, this time next week we will be putting finishing touches to the Carol Service and I look forward to seeing all Prep children and families next Sunday 10th December at King’s College Chapel, 5.30pm, for what is always a highlight of this term full of warm-heartedness and affirmations.

Long weekend, now, as a last mini-breather before the final session of term - definitely evenings for lighting the fire and on Sunday we will be lighting the first Advent Candle.

White rabbits!

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