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A bit of a colder, wet and windy week! A week that has seen Common Entrance completed and with great credit to the Year 8 children as they conducted themselves with the appropriate amount of gravitas whilst retaining a sense of cheerfulness and camaraderie. They are now immersed in adventures in Devon and we have also successfully despatched a very excited gaggle of Year 7 children to Switzerland this afternoon: past evidence suggests they will all have marvellous experiences.

Whilst Year 8 have spent much of their week in an exam room I have found myself spending much more time than I would wish to in a ‘board room’ as several of the bodies I sit on, as well as some important King’s administrative structures, have come together this week. It will be good to get some fresh air this weekend which should start later today. After an evening meeting here Claire and I will be heading down into Cornwall as tomorrow we are on the King’s stand at the Royal Cornwall Show - wellies are packed! Do come and see us if you are nearby as you will certainly receive a warm welcome.

As a last aside … I did notice in the news that Helsingborg have just opened a ‘Museum of Failure’ to highlight that ‘failures’ are to be embraced as part of the route to genuine innovation. I had no idea that the Swedes are clearly reading my weekly HEADlines!

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