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Fond farewells and final thoughts...

Posted Monday, 7 July 2014  /  Written by Justin Chippendale

And suddenly it is quiet... a moment to wander silently around the school and pick up the odd echo of the last week's incredible busyness. The farewells to our leavers and Mark Irons are also still in the air after a happy, inspiring and uplifting Prize Day led by the amazing Laura Bates. The end of this Summer Term was no exception to the pattern that sees the intensity and the emotion rise to great heights and then, almost in an instant, the children depart and a serene loneliness takes over the school site.

I have just written a letter to parents and so I will try not to be repetitive. After the formalities, we had a lovely lunch and Mr Coupland led us beautifully through a few memories of Mr Irons' time at the school - some of which I think he had forgotten about! The celebrations continued after that, too.

This final newsletter for 2013-14 completes the catalogue of events from a remarkably successful year and every child should be very proud of all the 'personal bests' they have achieved in that time. It is time for a break in which to recharge and reflect for a while and then prepare for the new adventures ahead in September.

I hope you all enjoy much happiness and carefree fun between now and then.