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I love talking with the children about the start of a new year and all the promise it contains. I encourage them all to make a New Year Resolution (this is normally interpreted as a ‘New Year Revolution’!) both for at home and for at school. There are always lots of promises of keeping bedrooms tidy, helping mummy do jobs at home (I am not being stereotypical, but it is always ‘mummy’ they promise to help and never ‘daddy’ – apologies to all house-proud dads whose efforts are going unnoticed by your children), working harder at school and keeping the Golden Rules which are all very commendable. However, there are always those where a child has really considered their resolution and either make one giggle (I resolve to not wet the bed and blame it on my younger brother) or make one’s heart melt (I resolve to make my friends happy). I have high hopes for my resolution this year and have asked the children to keep nagging me to ensure I realise its promise. After years of dropping hints, my husband bought me a guitar for my birthday last summer which I diligently practised for two weeks before it took up residence in the corner of our Family Room, where it has sat rather lonely ever since. As my greatest ambition is to be able to play ‘She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain’, I feel I should make more of a commitment and have therefore set this challenge to myself. I think it will also be good for the children to see that one is never too old to learn something new and I think will provide me with empathy for the challenges the children face every day when learning new skills. Whatever resolutions you have (or haven’t) made for yourself this new year I do hope 2016 proves very happy and healthy for you all.

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