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As the second week of our adventures in our new classrooms begins we spent time in this morning’s assembly reflecting on the ingredients for a happy, successful adventure in the days, weeks and months ahead.

We decided the first thing we need are good teachers and friends who can help us when things go wrong and cheer us up if we are feeling sad or angry or worried. We ticked this ingredient off the list pretty quickly as we know we have lots of these around us every day.

The second thing we need are rules to follow so we all stay safe. We were able to tick this off the list too as we have our six Golden Rules to follow and our Values characters to remind us of why they are important.

Thirdly we thought about our muscles which led to lots of confused faces as to why these might be the final ingredient. The children all knew our muscles keep us strong and healthy and agreed it was important to exercise them to make them grow. They also knew that if we didn’t exercise them they would not grow. We then watched a video that likened our brains to a muscle. We learned that anyone can be clever if they exercise their brain enough and keep trying even when things get difficult. We decided we would all try really hard to not give up on things that may seem tricky at first because with the help of our teachers and friends and a determination to succeed the tricky things will soon become much easier.

It is so important to teach children from an early age that, with hard work and determination, anything is possible and so encourage a ‘growth mindset’. In Pre-Prep we are conscious to always remind the child who says they ‘can’t’ do something that they can’t do it yet but if they really want to then eventually they will be able to. In this way we can be confident our children are ‘growing clever’ and will be building the attitude needed to flourish in later years.

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