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I really don’t think that the boarders could have asked for a better day than today. We were up and out in the woods by 10 am lighting the cob oven ready for homemade pizzas later. The children made the dough and left it in the sunshine to rise. Some went off to play tag while others had a leisurely game of boules, interestingly the newspaper in the bottom of the box of boules was dated 1938! A real history lesson for us all. The animals always play a big part for the children and the ducks had enough cuddles to drive anyone quackers! The children designed all sorts of different pizzas and ate the lot, much to the envy of the staff as the dough had run out and the oven had gone cold by the time we got a look in. Then, the best part of the day, the water-slide. Lengths of tarpaulin were pegged to the ground on the field outside the front of school and the children lathered themselves up and hurtled down the waterslide with considerable speed. It was a real pleasure to see and hear them have so much fun. This was all followed by a rinse off in the pool ready for a BBQ. I defy any child who doesn’t drop straight to sleep tonight as I am shattered, very happily shattered.

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