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There are two reasons that this will not be a particularly long HEADlines this week. Firstly, my mind is full of a great variety of matters and there is the danger that they could fall out in a disjointed fashion if I shared my stream of consciousness and, secondly, there will be an end of term letter coming your way from me before too long.

Suffice to say, however, that we have ended the term with a terrific week of leavers’ events, our annual fête, Plus Reward times, moving up moments and sports matches between the staff and parents, all culminating in a thoroughly wonderful, upbeat and fun atmosphere on Prize Day. Thanks to Curtis Jobling for passing on a brilliant message about keeping your hobbies but also for entertaining us all and placing huge smiles on everyone’s faces. I’m not sure, though, that I thank him for dragging out of me some pretty ropey animal impressions - many commented that the Vulture sounded as if its roots were well and truly planted in the West Country! I know that I said it at the time, but the quality of the musical performances was simply outstanding and if you closed your eyes you would not think that the children involved were no more than 13 years old.

So, enjoy the contents of the Newsletter showing all that has happened in last seven days, farewell from HEADlines for the summer holidays and I look forward to sharing more thoughts from September.

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