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“Are we going to have to build a big boat like Noah?” This was a question I was asked on Tuesday after the rising water levels on Monday. Someone had clearly been rummaging around in amongst their Bible Story books reading tales from long, long ago. Whilst the inundation was fairly short lived, it certainly affected journeys of several parents and staff whilst here at school it wasn’t just the Nursery children who went around looking for puddles to jump in.

Continuing the theme about classic stories from bygone times, you may be aware of the 12 Labours of Hercules - killing the Nemean Lion, cleaning the Augean Stables and capturing Cerberus among them - but did you know that if Hercules were a hamster he would have been set a thirteenth task by King Eurystheus? His challenge would have been to become the Fastest Hamster in the West. You can read whether our modern day Hercules the Hamster was successful in the Newsletter.

Peter Pan has occupied a good deal of time this week and there will be some reflections on the performance in next week’s Newsletter. Very well done to all involved for putting together such a jolly and energetic production of JM Barrie’s classic and I know of several children who signed up to see it again having watched the show on Tuesday. There are some photos to enjoy in the weekly Newsletter.

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