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Friends of King's Hall School

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The sole aim of the Friends is to provide a social element for parents, teachers and friends associated with the school.

The intention is to run a series of small and large events each year, whereby people can choose to get together in a sociable and friendly environment.

It’s not a PTA, nor is it a charity. The events will be self-funding and if any surplus happens to be made it will be ploughed back into the events programme or into supporting the Enhancing King's Fund.

The Friends organising team is deliberately small in number – Chief Pelican Donald Rice, assistant Pelicans Claire Chippendale (Year 6 parent), Annie Durham (Year 4, 2 and Reception parent), and Julian Mack (year 2, 3 and 4 parent) also Director of Development, King's Schools, Taunton.



2019 Forthcoming Events

Quiz Night - 14 February
Gin Tasting Evening - (date TBC)
Easter Egg Hunt - April (date TBC)
Fun Dog Show - May (date TBC)
Tennis Tournament - May (date TBC)
Virtual Horse Racing (date TBC)

Most recent Past Event

Racing Demon - Thursday 6 December
On Thursday 6 December, years 6, 7 and 8 parents and pupils got together for a game of Racing Demon.

Racing Demon is a very fast, very entertaining and very easy-to-learn card game - which gets more and more fun the more you have in a group.

Chief Pelican, Donald Rice, explained the rules and the parents and children battled it out.

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Our broad teaching curriculum, partnered with dedicated staff and newly renovated classrooms, enables us to meet individual needs and interests.

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