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We have some amazing times in boarding and Friday night was definitely one of them. The Kitchen team had entered a competition on how to promote “Food is Fun” to the children. Well, Friday not only promoted food is fun, but also that food is and I quote “delicious, sociable, messy, sticky, scrumptious, fantastic, yummy great fun, just the best”.

The first challenge was for the children to adorn their chef’s hat and apron, and I kid you not, for most this proved the hardest task! The dining room was set up with four large work stations. The first being “Jason’s Pizza Palace” where Jason got the children making their own pizzas from scratch. This brought tears of laughter as the children were throwing balls of dough into the air to get that perfect base. Some were delicately made, some made with a sense of humour, smiley faces, and some piled high with as many topping that could be fitted on.

Then there was “Dom’s Salad Bar”. Dom showed the children how to cut, slice, chop, grate, mix and toss to produce amazing salads, fruit salad, coleslaw, pasta salad and a green and grape salad.

Liz had “Cake Corner” where the children got to decorate cakes - not sure they are quite “Bake Off “standard yet! Nevertheless some interesting designs!

The last work-station was Matt’s “Biscuit Build” where the children decorated biscuits using icing bags, icing and decorative sprinkles and created spectacular show pieces - the Leaning Tower of Pisa stole the show!

The children were in groups and moved around the room so had a go at everything and just had the most fantastic time. Once the food was made Jason and his team went off to cook it all for the children’s supper while Liz had come up with a cooking quiz and “Guess the Gadget” competition. Here the children had to answer 12 questions, try different herbs and name them and guess the use of the gadgets. Every competition has to have a winner and the prize (a very tasty looking chocolate cake) went to team “Spatula” who won by 2 points.

Really everyone was a winner because the children had the most amazing time and got to eat what they had made.

A huge thanks from all the boarders and staff to all the Kitchen Team for yet another fantastic fun evening.

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