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Independents by Sodexo manage the catering operations at the school. Our meals are prepared in our own kitchen, by catering staff who are very much part of the school community. 98% of the children in this school have school lunches.

Our policy is to source healthy, local produce wherever possible – by achieving minimal food miles we aim to ensure maximum freshness as well as supporting the local economy and helping to protect the environment.

Locally Sourced Products

Locally Sourced Products

Fruit and vegetables: Granny Smith’s, Taunton

Potatoes: Gundenham Dairy, Wellington

Apples, pears and plums: Martin Hayes, Gloucester

Meat and eggs: P & B Pyne, North Petherton who can trace all meat locally:

Lamb Colin Bell, Brompton Ralph
Pork Les Hill, Wellington
Beef Bob Hall, Bridgwater
Chickens/Turkeys Pococks, Wiltshire
Eggs Blackacre Farm, Taunton

Frozen and ambient products: Philip Dennis, Barnstaple

Cheese: Cricketer Farm, Nether Stowey

Daily milk: Gundenham Dairy, Wellington

Ice cream: Lovington’s

Bread and bread products: Upper Crust Bakery, Taunton


The children are made aware of the importance of this sourcing – for example during British Food Fortnight a map of the British Isles was displayed showing children where their local produce has come from within the South West and menus/dishes indicate the locally sourced ingredients. In the dining hall passage there are our suppliers’ information posters. All parents are given copy of our ‘Parents' Charter’ so that they are made aware of the fact that we do buy locally sourced products.

Healthy, Seasonal Choices

Healthy, Seasonal Choices

Children have the opportunity to try new healthy foods and are, for example, encouraged to try the vegetable soup of the week. All of the catering team talk to the children and help them make healthy choices at lunch time. They and the staff on duty use the scientific language of nutrition such as proteins, carbohydrates etc.

Our menus are changed termly, reflecting seasonal produce and the weather, and are on a three week cycle. They are always on display in the dining hall corridor for the children to read so that they are able to make their own informed choices. Parents may also view these menus and are also able to request copies from the Catering Manager. The Catering Manager is also more than happy to meet with parents to discuss any special dietary requests.

Children in the Prep may choose between a hot meal (vegetarian choices are always available) or cold from he salad bar. They are encouraged to ask for a ‘small’ serving if they are ‘unsure’ or have ‘small appetite’ to discourage wastage. In addition, a homemade pudding is always available along with yoghurt, fresh fruit, either cut into segments, to encourage the child who wants a small portion, or entire. Children in the Pre-Prep have a hot meal each day.

All snacks provided at the school are nutritious, avoiding large quantities of sugar, salt, saturated fats, additives, preservatives and colourings.

Menus are planned in advanced and food offered is fresh, wholesome and balanced. We offer a balance and variety of foods to provide a range of cultural and nutritious experiences for the children.

Our talented team provides catering for a range of school events:

Cream teas
Three-course formal dinners

... and of course our delicious match teas!

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At King's Hall we want children to feel happy and excited about spending their time here with us.

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