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After a half term break along the way we are back to it with darker evenings and the countryside looking decidedly autumnal.

I head out to the whole range of classes at various times through the year and I started the second half of this term with a brilliant (albeit far too brief) visit to our very youngest children in Pelican Nursery 1. After a little free play time, we sang (and signed) a good morning song to everyone in turn followed by a little snack before heading over to join Nursery 2 for the beginnings of (brace yourself as it is only 10 November!) Nativity play songs. Sadly, I had to head off at this point but it was just as beautifully carefree as you would hope spending time connecting with their marvellously uncluttered minds.

At the other end of our age range I was with some of Year 8 on Wednesday morning as they worked industriously on clocks they are making in DT. I chatted to them all and observed their diligence with great pleasure. Having thought about the recipient and a back story to their idea there were a wide range of themes, tools, colours and concepts on display. These two visits gave a very stark reminder of the incredible, exponential development that occurs during the formative years of our lives.

I cannot let this week go by without acknowledging the appropriately powerful atmosphere that was created in the Arts Centre yesterday during our Remembrance Service. The children’s singing was fabulous, the choir and accompanists performed beautifully and readings were delivered confidently. During a period of the year full of tradition this is always one of the most potent and emotive.

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