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Oh dear, you know that feeling when you have eaten too much? Well, I could hardly move, having been thoroughly spoilt by Liz, Emma and Jason who cooked up the most amazing meal on Saturday night.

During the Christmas, holidays I asked all of the boarders to bring back a traditional recipe from home and we had so many wonderful recipes that we made a boarders’ cookbook. The kitchen agreed that they would add the recipes into our weekly menus so that the children would get a variety of meals from all around the world. We have already had Alfie’s Italian chicken salad, Simon’s Thai green curry, Nigel’s Chinese honey chicken and Hettie’s English gourmet fish finger sandwich.

The boarders were invited to a food festival in the dining room on Saturday night. Gazebos were erected and decorated with lanterns, flowers and herbs. Liz, Emma and Jason served the most amazing array of dishes, all from our boarders’ cookbook. We had six main dishes with various side dishes and a magnificent dessert. It truly was a wonderful evening which was enjoyed by all of us. A huge thank you goes to Liz and her team for yet again surprising and delighting the children and staff with their creative and delicious ways of celebrating food.

Please click here for pictures from the evening

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