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Standard Fees (per term)

Standard Fees (per term)

Year 7 and 8: £8,240 (full) £5,670 (day)
Year 5 and 6: £6,750 (full) £4,280 (day)
Year 3 and 4: £6,340 (full) £3,320 (day)
Year 1 and 2: £2,755 (day)
Reception (4-5 years): £2,655 (day)
Nursery (2-4 years): £54.00 (per day) £32.00 (per half day)

Flexi Boarding

Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding package (per term): £680.00
Max 5 nights per week, Sunday (5.30pm) - Saturday (9.00am). Nights to be specified before the start of each term. Package includes laundry, breakfast, and supper, but not lunch (see charges below) or activities.

Single night package: £41.00
Max 3 nights per week.

Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Additional English/Maths
Individual tuition (30 x 30 min lessons per year): £290.00 (per term)

Individual lessons (Pre-Prep): £24.00 (per 30 minutes)
Individual lessons (Prep): £26.00 (per 30 minutes)
Shared lessons (two pupils): £20.00 (per 30 minutes)

Speech and Drama
Group lessons: £51.00 (per term)
Individual lessons: £28.50 (per 30 minutes)

Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees

The termly fee is payable in advance of or before the first day of each term, unless otherwise agreed by separate contractual agreement. If no arrangement is in place and fees are not paid before the first day of term, the fee will be liable to a surcharge of 1.5% and further similar charges at the end of each month that the account remains unpaid. Any remission may be withdrawn if payment is not received on this basis.

As a result of changes to legislation, we will be unable to accept payment of fees by credit or debit card from 13 January 2018.

Bank details for fee payments

National Westminster Bank, Taunton
Account Name: King's Hall Fees
Sort Code: 60-80-06
Account No: 02040352

Fees Fees from outside the UK


It is not unusual for a pupil to be eligible for or be awarded multiple remissions. Please note that only the largest of these will apply as far as the remission of fees is concerned. Remissions may be removed if fees are not paid on time. Please see the school’s terms and conditions for more details.

Monthly Payment of Fees

Monthly Payment of Fees

“School Fee Plan are a provider of finance for School Fees and they may be able to offer you a service. Please click the banner for further information.”

We are aware many of our parents would like to pay school fees on a monthly basis. Due to the strict rules and requirements regarding consumer credit, this is something the school does not currently do. However, we are aware of a company who does offer a scheme that might be of interest. For more details please click on the below:

My School Plan
Early Years Entitlement

Early Years Entitlement

For more information on the Early Years Entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds please refer to the Local Authority website:

Early Years Entitlement Information

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