School exams take place at various times during the school year:

Year 7 have two sets of examinations, in both the Lent and Summer term

Year 8 have Trial Scholarship and Trial 13+ Common Entrance examinations in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. These precede their external examinations.


All leavers sit external exams. Boys and girls sit the 13+ Common Entrance Examination to the senior school of their choice in June. This exam takes place at King's Hall with the papers being sent off to, and marked by, their senior school.

Some children in Year 8 (8S) sit Scholarship Examinations for King's College and other schools. These examinations take place from January through to May - depending on the senior school chosen.

Children whose parents wish them to sit 11+ examinations will be given extra tuition as arranged between the Deputy Head (Academic) and their parents.

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