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Enhancing King's Projects

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By making a donation towards these items you will have an immediate impact on the experience of our pupils. You can make a general contribution or, if you prefer, specify a particular item you would like to fund. Even a small contribution makes a huge difference.

Thank you on behalf of the whole of the King’s Community.

Mini Target Hockey Goals

Having a piece of equipment like this would enable us to focus on training our pupils to improve the fine art of goal scoring and finishing.

£400 (£320 with Gift Aid)

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Multi-coloured Bench

There are many benches around school, but for outside the new Science Faculty we would like something a little different. Something bright and colourful that will last for many years. The bench we would like will not rot, warp or crack, it does not need painting or varnishing, is UV Protected and made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Our vision of this bench along with some soft planting would really enhance the outdoor space.

£625 (£500 with Gift Aid)

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Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Due to the success of the outdoor tennis table we already have we would really welcome another. Table tennis helps improve hand, eye coordination while having a competitive fun match. It will also provide another activity for the boarders during their free time. This addition to the hard play area will enhance the surroundings and provides a focal point. In our experience the children love playing table tennis and it brings children of different year groups together.

£600 (£480 with Gift Aid)

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Painted Games

We would like to add some painted games to the concrete floor in the Rose Garden. This will give the children even more variety of things to do in break times, help them further understand the value of cooperation and compromise, thus promoting both teamwork and an active, healthy lifestyle.

£500 (£400 with Gift Aid)

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Star Sail

We would like to provide shelter and a quiet area for outdoor lessons or just to sit and draw in the area by the Rose Garden wall. We feel this would be visually beneficial and provide the children with an extra area to play.

£2,000 per sail (£1,600 with Gift Aid)

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Outdoor Reading

At King’s Hall we love to read, and few things can beat reading outdoors on a sunny day! Having a set of outdoor beanbags, some canvas chairs and a gazebo would mean that we could enjoy reading in the lovely Memorial Garden at break-times whenever the weather permits.

£300 (£240 with Gift Aid)

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Chinese Chess Checker Game (2 sets)

Our Chinese pupils have often mentioned how popular Chinese chess is and they would very much like to teach our other pupils how to play it. It would really enhance a boarders’ experience if the Chinese boys could teach the others pupils about their culture through their cultural game.

£30 (£24 with Gift Aid)

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Chinese Oxford Dictionary (4 copies)

We already have a set of Spanish and French bilingual dictionaries, but feel it is essential to have a set of Chinese too. More than just a dictionary, this handy reference book also includes a section on communication giving the pupils the tools they need to communicate effectively and understand aspects of another culture.

£56 (£45 with Gift Aid)

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15 Branded Bobble Hats and a Storage Box for Away Tournaments

Our pupils are often away for sports tournaments and during very cold weather need suitable warm headwear. The pupils do bring their own but we would really like to have a King’s Hall branded version. These hats are double layer knit with a highly reflective pom pom. We would store them in a trunk for tournament use.

£200 (£160 with Gift Aid)

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