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Firstly - a big thank you to all who participated in last week’s Friends of King’s Hall tennis event. It was great fun and special thanks to Ed Chisholm for all his work in making sure it ran as smoothly as it did.

Today I have shown round four sets of prospective parents and all of them delightful and discerning so it has been a pleasure to discuss the possibilities for their children. We talked about many aspects including medical provision with one and it is fair to say that Siobhan, our Nurse, has had one of her busier few days just recently. It seems to be a fairly ‘short, sharp, shock’ for those who get entangled of either a brief sickness or a high temperature and I hope that you are either clear of it or coping admirably if it happens to catch your family.

My lessons this week have included the importance of the Date Palm to the Middle East, who had the greatest claim to the English throne in 1066, songwriting, respiration in humans and generating a strong start to a piece of creative writing. I found myself in a spot of bother last weekend as I neglected to mention in last week’s missive that I had enjoyed a wonderful lesson in which Year 3 discovered and explored the use of various Celtic artefacts – the lesson had been delivered by Mrs Chippendale!

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