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Last Wednesday was a busy evening for the Junior Boys' boarding night. There were lots of ideas buzzing around the room as the pupils showed they were budding young architects! The teams' challenge was to build the tallest tower but also strong enough to support an egg (we used a chocolate one to avoid any mishaps!) out of just spaghetti strands and 6 marshmallows. Things got quite tense as the countdown neared to an end, but both teams did exceedingly well designing their spaghetti skyscrapers and it was very close with only an inch or so between them. The bonus of tearing down their towers, however, was that they literally got to demolish them in true ‘Godzilla style’- mouthfuls of marshmallows and chocolate eggs all round!

Things also got very competitive as teams battled it out against each other in a race to reach the end of all the food stations. Plenty came to try out our speciality menu which consisted of flour, cookies, lemons, limes, marshmallows, dry crackers, apples, and donuts! That didn’t stop their appetite though as they all had plenty of room left for the sweets they won at the end of the challenges. There is a whole array of photographs which certainly capture the concentration involved, their gnashing teeth and cringing expressions from the assortment of food they dared to eat!

Jr boys boarding night 2 M15

Jr boys boarding night M15

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