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A final message from me before Easter to end what has been a really purposeful, event-filled and fun-packed term from which many children (and adults) can draw great satisfaction. This week’s edition of the Newsletter is a bumper version which befits the multitude and range of recent activity and the incredible opportunities waiting to be grasped along the way.

House Music is always a rousing way to complete the term and I’m sure you’re still humming one or two of the House tunes. You are also hopefully, like me, marvelling at the burgeoning talent in the young performers and are full of admiration for their confidence and preparedness to play or sing in front of such a large audience. An article follows but my thanks here to Mr DJ for his efforts, particularly when he was very much under the weather today!

Today started with Final Assembly in the Prep which included a roundup of several aspects of school life. We have regular mentions during term of the goings on and achievements through Assemblies and the Newsletters and then Final Assembly has a few extra bits and pieces and the culmination of a whole term’s involvement. I counted from my sheets and this time, during about 45 minutes, I mentioned or handed out over 220 names, prizes, achievements and accomplishments, as well as all the collective rewards that go to Houses. We said thank you to Lottie Knill, Will Hall, Lucy Mowat and Jack Masters for being great ambassadors as Heads and Deputy Heads for both girls and boys and we wish their replacements all good fortune as they take on the mantle next term: they are Abi Howells and Thomas Daniel as Head Girl and Boy, with Jenna Craig and Oliver Mathew as their Deputies – congratulations to them.

Earlier in the week nearly 200 people had marvellous fun exploring the Great Wood at Ramscombe thanks to the hard work of the Friends of King’s Hall. Eggs were found in some quite tricky hiding places along the route and everyone gathered for a burger and some clambering/splashing/chasing at the end as they received their chocolate prizes. Several people helped out, including two fathers sensibly using the chance to flip burgers as an excuse to renege on their childcare duties, but particular mention should go to Chief Pelican, Julian Mack and his trusty sidekick, Ed Chisholm who, along with Claire Chippendale, Brenda Worth and Leisa Lavender, ensured the event went smoothly. There are some photos on Facebook I believe.

The school goes quiet for a few weeks now and it is a good chance to recharge and refresh ourselves, as well as some of the buildings. We now have the final plans for our exciting new Science Faculty which will be put forward for planning application. Once approved, I will share them with you: it is due for completion later in 2017 and it will be a tremendous augmentation to the site.

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families over the Easter break and Claire and I look forward to seeing you all again when hopefully the sun will be out more permanently.

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