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  • “Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”
    - Alfred Hitchcock
Why Study Drama?

Why Study Drama?

At King's Hall we believe Drama is a valuable subject in its own right and is an effective vehicle to learn about the world around us. All children have a weekly drama lesson where creative expression and imagination is encouraged through practical activities.

The emphasis is on encouraging all students to become skilled in the use of and knowledge of the art form, indeed, developing performance skills is only one aspect of the work in the drama syllabus, fascinating though this may be; developing confident and thoughtful children who use drama to help them understand and develop themselves is considered of even greater importance.

Key Skills

Key Skills

At King’s Hall the teaching of drama balances three important strands:

Drama is used as a vehicle for the learning of key life skills including:

  • To be able to express themselves with confidence and conviction, focus, teamwork, co-operation, listening, negotiating, empathy, problem solving, communicating, humour, reflection and evaluation.

Drama is also used to:

  • Explore issues in our world
  • To develop a sense of morality and values
  • To develop the imagination
  • To support learning in other subject areas

Drama lessons will:

  • Explore a theme
  • Allow students to develop knowledge of dramatic techniques, skills, forms and convention,
  • Give experience and understanding of drama conventions so students are prepared for Key Stage 4 GCSE drama course
Facilities and Trips

Facilities and Trips

King's Hall is fortunate to have a dedicated Arts Centre which has its own staging (which can be adapted and recreated into a whole variety of sets), curtains, raked seating and a complete lighting rig and sound system. We have a large costume department and the children delight in the makeup and grease paint required for a show.

For those that see the world as a stage, this is a great place to start.

Regular trips to the local theatres, The Bristol Old Vic, The Octagon, The Northcott and The Tacchi Morris, are arranged. In addition children visit, and are visited, by productions from King's College. Visits to the London West End and Stratford upon Avon are also arranged for Year 7 and 8 with workshops

Recent trips include:

  • 'Billy Elliot' - London West End
  • 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - Tacchi Morris
  • 'Swallows and Amazons' - Bristol Old Vic
  • 'The Little Mermaid' – Bristol Old Vic
  • 'Toro, Toro' – Northcott
  • 'Les Miserables' – King’s College
  • 'Guys and Dolls' – King’s College

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