Annual Fund Projects 2016-17 - All projects funded, thank you so much

Through supporting a diverse range of projects across school activities at King’s Hall, it is hoped that gifts to the Annual Fund will enhance the experience of not only the pupils in the school, but also members of the wider King’s community.

The chosen projects for this year include cricket and rugby equipment, a printing press for art and benches to be positioned around the grounds.

Printing Press £2,000
The Art department would benefit hugely from the addition of a printing press as this would allow for different styles of work to be produced and taught. Having a press on site would affect the size and type of work that the children can produce. This would enable them to explore more options and styles of printing.

Wooden Benches £350 each
To further enhance the viewing experience at King’s Hall we would like to put good quality benches around the sports facilities for pupils and visitors. If you would like to add a personalised plaque to your donated bench please contact the Director of Development.

Portable cricket nets £1,000
A portable cricket net will provide an extra facility for pupils to use throughout the summer term. It will allow boys and girls to enjoy some productive net practice with the added benefit of using grass pitches to make training more realistic. It will also allow bowlers to have a full run up reproducing match conditions as much as possible.

Rugby bulldog sled and adapter £642
Rugby is fast evolving at a junior level and it is now even more important that all pupils are able to learn the correct techniques with which to scrummage and ruck through all levels at King’s Hall. A collection of rugby sleds would replace the old style scrummaging machines and allow our coaches to focus more on pupil’s technique which will allow them to develop and perfect their contact skills.

Previous Projects

The Rose Garden revamp

Year 3 and 4 were delighted to return from the summer break to find that a physical transformation had occurred. Their play area, the Rose Garden, has had a fabulous revamp involving a new surface and play equipment. The replacing of the wooden decking with faux grass has improved usability of the area and, in addition, a variety of play equipment has brought ‘action’ to the area. The refurbishment of the Rose Garden is another example of how the considerable generosity of parents through the Annual Fund has had an immediate impact on the children in the school – they love it!

Thank you for our Arts Centre stage blocks

The new staging was put to use immediately, making its debut as the staging for our Prize Day. It will continue life in our Arts Centre, forming an integral part of our school productions and various other events throughout the year. The old staging was looking extremely tired having had many an actor’s foot tread its boards, whereas the new staging is much safer and more soundproof and will help to ensure that King’s Hall productions continue to be a wonderful as ever. Felix Design, staging specialists from Tiverton in Devon, provided the staging bought with the Annual Fund donations.

Huge thanks to our donors – the donations will make a difference to the children’s school life for many years to come.

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