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Earlier this week we held our termly Estates Committee meeting of the School Council (Governors) at which the final decision about our new Science Faculty building was ratified. In another big step along the timeline of this exciting and significant development, which is due for completion over the summer of 2017, the plans have now gone forward for planning permission. As well as providing two new modern labs which will be twice the size of the existing ones, together with a spacious Prep room, we will be covering much of the gap that will be created between the new building and the West Wing which will create a further new space from which to benefit. Along with other enhancements and the redeployment of the existing lab space, it is set to have a transformative effect on the school’s facilities.

Through my ‘normal’ routines I often find myself in lessons, whether it be a casual drop-in, whilst showing prospective parents around or just catching up with a teacher or a child. On top of that, this term I am heading into a more organised schedule of class visits across different ages and subjects. This week I have been into three Year 7 classes where I have reminded myself about the protestant/catholic tensions surrounding the end of Edward VI’s reign, explored line graphs fitting the equation y = mx + c and had some quick fire pointers about various aspects of the upcoming exams. I have also been into a Year 5 maths class where I had to take my Abacus Driving Test and then find fractions of quantities. My visit to the DT workshop was with Year 8 who are making fabulous panelled material cushion covers and they are transferring a special personal photo (family, pets, places) onto some of the panels using a pretty nifty liquid. I was very impressed with the level of dexterity many children have when using the sewing machines (although some find threading the needle frustrating!) and I’m sure they will really treasure their cushions when complete. Positive, lively and motivated spaces, there is a lot of energy in the classrooms and a high degree of involvement and engagement from the children in their learning: next week I have science, geography, music, English and history to look forward to.

Before that we have the Friends of King’s Hall Family Tennis tournament tomorrow morning and (without wanting to tempt fate) the weather looks to be set to suit the occasion. I look forward to seeing many of you there and I hope all the other sport and activities taking place over the weekend goes well, too.

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