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Why Study DT?

Why Study DT?

Design Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and enjoyable practical subject and pupils are given the opportunity to experience a broad and stimulating curriculum. We aim to encourage a combination of creativity, imagination, technical knowledge and practical skills in order to design and make quality products. Pupils record their design work in a written booklet and they take home their final product at the end of the project.

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 learn how to use a wide range of tools and equipment safely and more independently. They are encouraged to solve problems from given design briefs, as individuals, and in small groups, considering their own and others’ needs and values. The pupils will continue to develop their research skills to identify and understand the needs of users. There are many opportunities for independent learning and pupils are encouraged to work through problems and develop their own design ideas. The pupils will learn how to develop a specification to inform the design of functional and appealing products. They will be encouraged to communicate their ideas using annotated sketches, computer aided design and oral presentations. The pupils will have the opportunity to select from and use a wide range of materials (wood, plastic, electrical components and textiles) and specialist equipment.

What Shall I Make Today?

What Shall I Make Today?

Examples of Year 7 and 8 design and make tasks:

  • A textile pencil case with a fitted zip
  • A wooden cams toy
  • A mood lamp using recycled materials
  • A wooden clock
  • An MP3 amplifier
  • A textile cushion

The department is open to pupils at break and lunchtimes and we offer a DT club after school. DT scholarship candidates are able to attend a specialist club. The specialist club have enjoyed the opportunity to undertake real design problems such as designing masks for the cast of a recent school production of 'The Lion King'.

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