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What a busy weekend! We had Royal Birthday celebrations for her Majesty the Queen on Friday along with the T20 Cricket and the Euro Football on Saturday. On Sunday, we went Bear Grylls style and opted for a bit of shelter building to protect us from the torrential rain that was quickly approaching. There were two groups: ‘The Timber Dolphins’ and ‘The Dog

Builders’. The groups had to quickly learn how to work together. Everybody wanted to contribute their ideas surrounding the architecture of the shelter and therefore they soon realized that being a good listener is a very important attribute. The shelters were fantastic and a lot of thought had been put into them down to the very last leaf added for extra camouflage. There were mud muffins placed on the side for hungry visitors, a table to dine on, a fire pit ready to be lit, a welcoming sign on the door, and even washing and drying facilities! The groups didn’t have long to design and create their shelters, but they finished just in time before the heavy downpour, and then we headed inside for a well-deserved lunch. Later on in the afternoon we went out to the cinema to watch ‘The Jungle Book’ which was loved by all, even if there were a few scary ‘boo’ moments when the children (and staff!) jumped right out of their seats!

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