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Democracy has been played out in tutor groups recently with the children putting forward their candidacy and then voting for their Pupil Council 2018-2019 representatives: during assembly on Monday we announced the election results. I talked about the privilege of service and urged them not only to act in support of ‘today’ at King’s Hall but also to consider creatively, confidently and expansively how they might impact our thinking for ‘tomorrow’ and the world beyond our boundaries. I showed everyone a company HR recruitment ad in which the company encourages employees with creativity, urgency, optimism, courage to seek solutions, resilience to embrace failures along the way and, finally, a strong sense of shared purpose to work side by side. Congratulations to those elected and good luck to them for the year ahead.

One of the messages from the annual IAPS Heads’ Conference from which I have just returned, was on a somewhat similar theme and one fairly oft heard in these current, more uncertain times. It is the need to be adaptable and resilient, to possess the capacity to cope when things don’t go according to plan, to remain purposeful in the face of adversity - how are you going to react if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and without a map? Characteristics and attitudes we aim to cultivate in the children here at King’s Hall.

Tomorrow morning, as it happens, I do have a map – or a recipe to be precise – as a little crowd of budding chefs join me and Mr Morgan for our Saturday morning Cookery hobby: Thai Green Chicken Curry is on the menu and so I am pretty certain what’s for supper tomorrow night.

Justin Chippendale

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