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This has been a week when it feels that winter and the run up to Christmas have properly started! With the first day of Advent, plummeting temperatures bring Jack Frost to the party, the odd sign of a Christmas motif on some staff clothing, Christmas trees arriving and waiting to be decorated (boarding dorms are festooned already) and talk of carols very much ringing in the air, this is more like it for this time of year!

One down side is, of course, getting into the car in the mornings. One member of staff, who lives nearly three good leagues hence, reported that it took her longer to de-ice her car than to drive to school! There is also some playful ribaldry amongst our brilliant, wonderful bus drivers: some have a heated windscreen and some don’t!

The Custos (Chairman of Governors) came to stay with Claire and me on Wednesday evening and then joined many parents for our termly Family Eucharist on Thursday morning. Father Mark has led us sagely into Advent this year with subtle but significant reminders about the importance of waiting. I am a very strong believer in the value of delayed gratification and it seems increasingly necessary that children grow up understanding that ‘it might not be their turn yet’ and that most good things are worth waiting for.

A final pause in the term this weekend before we move into the last session: exams for some next week and the Carol Service for all Prep families on Sunday 11th as we move ever deeper into another delectable December.

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