Common Entrance

In addition to the academic scholarships that many pupils sit, King’s Hall undertakes Common Entrance.

Common Entrance can be viewed as a mini set of GCSEs; a thorough exam for each subject that covers what pupils have learnt over the previous 2-3 years. The exams are marked independently and act as a passport to your chosen senior school, allowing you to keep your options open.

At King’s Hall we believe that there are a number of benefits to Common Entrance:

•It motivates both staff and pupils

•The results are used for setting ensuring the best start to pupils’ senior school life

•The process helps pupils to understand how to manage a revision timetable and find the most effective revision techniques for them

•Future exams, particularly GCSEs, feel more manageable and less daunting

•The exams consolidate learning and provide a springboard for the next stage of education

•Our experience shows that pupils undertaking Common Entrance do better at GCSE

•It improves confidence and self-belief

While most pupils choose to continue their education at King’s College, there are a number of other schools which pupils move on to. Recent destinations include Bryanston, Harrow, Radley and Sherborne. The headmaster would be delighted to advise you on senior schools.

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