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The sunnier weather promised has returned and this always means that King’s Hall moves to another level of ‘loveliness’ as it basks in sunshine. We have had great reports from Switzerland, where it has been very hot (leading to one torrential storm), with many wonderful photos on the closed Facebook page - no doubt some of them will hit the Newsletter next week for all to see. Two Year 6 boys were talking to me about the fact that they had already been thinking about this ‘legendary’ trip for a year or two and that it is now their turn next!

There has been a good deal of twitching going on in our garden this spring with a pair of flycatchers taking centre stage tending a nest which is in a direct line from the kitchen window. In the same direction are some strawberry plants and despite the netting Mrs Chippendale has carefully put around them there are pesky critters such as birds and squirrels who still occasionally manage to break in! Talking of squirrels, we had a one in residence at school yesterday around Room 6 which caused a bit of a stir for a little while. We have also had a deer wander across the main cricket field which had to have come up through the gate by the music room and so must have spent some time un-noticed amongst the school buildings? Where did it start its journey?

Anyhow, some Year 8 came to the end of one stage of their academic journey today. Common Entrance results were out and this morning we had an, at first, suitably apprehensive but, subsequently, jubilant gathering of candidates. Very well done to them all for successfully passing, many with strong grades. Their mind's eye can now fully visualise themselves walking the corridors of their senior schools in September – the annual small pang of jealousy and wanting to turn the clock back to be in their shoes lingers as I write this!

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