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Another week into this comforting time of year which generally involves us looking forward to Christmas - expectantly.

There are two potential catches in that. There is a danger when looking forward to miss the here and now and there are far too many wonderful events and emotions to be enjoyed on the way to wish the time away. Secondly there is the expectancy. As part of my assembly on Monday, I shared with the children the following equation: Disappointment = Expectation - Reality. I said there are of course times when we feel disappointed when things happen that are beyond our control but very often we can influence the disappointment by certainly setting expectations pragmatically and there are further times we can also apply ourselves to maximise the real outcomes. Exam results are an example of where both variables can be affected whereas the joy over Christmas presents is an example where it is only usually possible to influence your expectations (unless you buy the present for yourself which is not unheard of!). There are many situations where we can misjudge our sense of entitlement and set ourselves up for disappointment and I also encouraged the children to make sure that they were doing their bit to make the whole experience for everyone (which includes them, of course) as fulfilling as it can be in reality.

So Christmas takes an ever firmer grip: putting lights on the tree outside my office (without falling off the ladder) last Sunday and today we had the touching Nursery nativity followed by a Carol Service practice. Next week brings about Christmas parties and lunches, the Pre-Prep Nativity and the story of St Nic - the patron saint of King's Hall.

One of the highlights is to come this weekend, so lubricate your larynx in readiness - see you on Sunday at the Carol Service.

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