The School Council views Bursary Awards as important in helping to ensure that children from families who would otherwise not be able to afford the fees can gain access to the education offered by King's Hall School and King's College. All who meet our general entry requirements are eligible for Bursary Awards, which are made solely on the basis of parental means or to relieve hardship where a pupil’s education and future prospects would otherwise be at risk, for example in the case of redundancy.

In assessing means we use the methodology promulgated by the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association, which takes a number of factors into consideration including family income, investments and savings and family circumstances, for example dependant relatives and the number of siblings. The Schools do not have an endowment and the funds available for hardship bursaries are limited. When considering our awards we have to be mindful that we must ensure a balance between those parents paying full fees, many of whom make considerable personal sacrifices to fund their child’s education, and those benefiting from the awards.

For September 2018 entry, bursary applications need to be received by 31 December 2017.

For further details and an application form please contact the Director of Admissions on 01823 328204 or email Admissions@kings-taunton.co.uk

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