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There was great excitement in the library last week as enthusiastic readers from Years 3 and 4 gathered to discuss Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure, the first book in a new series by one of King's Hall's favourite authors, Alex T. Smith.

Pupils, who had read the novel over the Christmas holiday, were eager to share their thoughts about this exciting new adventure.

Mr Penguin himself received a huge thumbs up from our bookworms. As a would-be professional adventurer, complete with a very dashing hat and an office in his igloo, poor Mr Penguin is left to twirl around idly on his office chair, with no sign of adventure on the horizon.

When he has all but given up hope, he receives a desperate call for help from the city's museum, whose treasures have mysteriously vanished. With a fish finger sandwich in his satchel and accompanies by his trusty spider sidekick, Colin, Mr Penguin is ready for action!

The ensuing adventure had the children on the edge of their seats and certainly made them laugh along the way. They also enjoyed the fantastic illustrations and had fun pointing out all the interesting details. The whole group fell in love with Colin the Spider, and Ava especially enjoyed Colin's talent for kung fu.

All in all, a resounding five stars from our book clubbers!

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