The Boarding House at King's Hall offers a warm and friendly home-from-home environment, complete with house puppy Snoops!

It is split into three separate areas: Senior Boys, Junior Boys and Junior Girls. Each area allows the children to enjoy their space in the company of their friends and to develop at their own pace.

Within the house we aim to give every child the opportunity to move through the stages of developing independence.

Younger boarders often need more of a helping hand, but soon grow in confidence and start to develop a sense of independence. In their final years of boarding the children have acquired all the necessary skills to be self-sufficient in the house.

We recognise that all children are different and the pace of this process is unique to every child; however, in this environment everyone will find their own pace and develop with confidence to realise their potential.

For children who are not ready to go into full boarding, and flexi-boarding is available – both of these options come with a variety of benefits.

In addition, year group boarding nights* are available from Years 3-8 twice a term and the especially popular ‘Movie Nights*’, to which all children in the prep school are invited. These are run every Half-term and are a great event for all children in the prep school to share an evening of fun and food. Casual boarding is also available and at just a phone call.

Whatever style of boarding you decide on you can rest assured that your children will enjoy a happy family environment with plenty of friends and caring staff. Your children will develop their emotional intelligence, learning how to socialise, interact and communicate with children young and old, from all different parts of the world. The outdoor activities are endless, including swimming, cycling, skateboarding, all types of sports, woodland activities and so much more. With award-winning kitchen staff, the food here is both delicious and plentiful; the children will never go hungry.

There is so much we can offer your children here at King’s Hall; you only need decide which option suits you, your children and your family.

*Limited space available; booking is essential. Dates are given each term.

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