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First Picnic of the Season!

Published on: Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sunday was a simply perfect day to have an Easter Egg hunt and our first barbecue of the year. With its flowing streams, rope swings, woodlands and lush green grass, Great Woods at Ramscombe was so tranquil, even with 27 children and a dog!!! What a fantastic way to end the term and we look forward to many more days like this next term. The boarders and staff would like to wish you all a very happy Easter and enjoy the holidays.

A word for our resident pooch!

What a jolly week this has been – the school has been full of music and it has certainly added a spring to my paws. It has also been a week of birthdays. I think I mentioned recently that my birthday is in May; I will be two years old. I’ll let you know the exact date nearer the time in case you want to send me a card. One of my boarding friends celebrated her 13th birthday on Monday, and what a celebration it was. I would like to have a party like that when I’m a little older. However, for this year I am hoping to get plenty of cards, some doggie treats and some toys. A small party wouldn’t go amiss, though (hint, hint Mrs Masters)! I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the Easter Holidays. In the first week I am going to Cornwall, and having visited a couple of times before, I know that means lots of beach play. I can’t wait to relax in the hot tub at my lodge in the evenings. For the Easter weekend I will be staying with a relative of mine, Noah the miniature Daschund, in the Lake District. When I visited The Lakes last summer I went boating, paddle-boarding and kayaking; I hope that this is repeated. You must be thinking, ‘what a lucky pup’ I am. Anyway, have a good one and see you all next term.

Race Course

Published on: Monday, February 25, 2019

It definitely was a case of "boys and girls (!) with their toys", when a race course was set up in the Sports Hall. The team taught the boarders how to drive the remote control cars and then the race was on. Completing lap after lap, burning rubber in their race to the checkered flag, the speed demons learned the true discipline of driving, and now have a new found respect for just how hard it is to park a car! The court marshals were on hand to ensure there was no dangerous driving, enabling everyone to stay on the right track!

A message from our Boarding Pup Snoops

I've started to wonder how everyone managed before my arrival? It might be a little presumptuous but I am beginning to consider myself indispensable! I now have important roles in many departments within the school and just last Saturday, Mrs Samuel was teaching me the finer detail of reception duty, and associated etiquette. I listened very carefully and was very attentive when she was giving instructions. By mutual agreement, though, we decided that it was better if I left the phone calls to her. I do, however, think I have the upper hand when it comes to meet and greet. Everyone who walks through the front door is as happy to see me, as I am them. I give my best waggy-tail greeting and I get tremendously fussed over in return. I hope Mrs Samuel wasn't offended but I didn't see one visitor pat her on the head or ruffle her hair. It has also come to my attention that a surprising number of you have the odd doggy treat lurking in the bottom of your pockets. Well done-keep it up!

A Day Of Rest

Published on: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

After a day of snow ball fights, sledging and a big roast dinner, Sunday saw a day of complete rest, well, apart from revision for the Year 8’s! The children decided that they would like to have a games day so that is exactly what we did. Cluedo was the first game of the day and I could not quite believe how seriously the children got involved, I definately think we have the makings of a few detectives in the midst! Following on from Cluedo we then all sat around the dining room table and played Mafia, a real life game of Cluedo (minus of course the murders). It was great fun and we all enjoyed lots of giggles. After this it was time to put our feet up for a movie followed by games in the sports hall. A lovely calm but fun weekend had by all.

A Weekend We Will Not Forget

Published on: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

It was so exciting for our boarders (and GAP students) seeing snow this weekend. For some it was the first time they had seen, felt and thrown snow! There is no better place to be to enjoy the thrills and chills of a snow ball fight than at King's Hall with the boarders. We had such a busy time building snowmen and playing in the snow that we were more than ready to gobble up the feast that Mrs Masters and Mrs Willmott prepared. This was a weekend we definately won't forget!

A note from boarding pup Snoops...

This week the junior boarders had me fooled for a while.They introduced me to a very cute little puppy called Mini Snoops.I was totally taken with this new bundle of fluff and very excited about having a canine friend in the boarding house. Having sat for a few moments admiring the pup and giving it a good once over sniff and lick, I realised that there were some muffled chuckles around me. It then dawned on me that pup was a hoax; I’d been taken in……they got me!

Our Weekend Rocked!

Published on: Monday, January 21, 2019

After a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning we were straight off to Exeter for a fun filled day of rock climbing at Clip 'n Climb. From the speed, agility and flexibility the children displayed, we are now convinced that 90% of the boarders must be related to Spider-Man, Mr Jones, Miss Macgregor and Miss Beecher, not so much!

The children spent the day conquering spherical climbs, racing the clock and attempting the stairway to heaven. They all had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back!

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