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Talented all-rounder Grace Fielder has had a busy start to 2019, achieving a number of personal bests at competitio… - 12 hours ago

A Day Of Rest

Published on: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

After a day of snow ball fights, sledging and a big roast dinner, Sunday saw a day of complete rest, well, apart from revision for the Year 8’s! The children decided that they would like to have a games day so that is exactly what we did. Cluedo was the first game of the day and I could not quite believe how seriously the children got involved, I definately think we have the makings of a few detectives in the midst! Following on from Cluedo we then all sat around the dining room table and played Mafia, a real life game of Cluedo (minus of course the murders). It was great fun and we all enjoyed lots of giggles. After this it was time to put our feet up for a movie followed by games in the sports hall. A lovely calm but fun weekend had by all.

A Weekend We Will Not Forget

Published on: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

It was so exciting for our boarders (and GAP students) seeing snow this weekend. For some it was the first time they had seen, felt and thrown snow! There is no better place to be to enjoy the thrills and chills of a snow ball fight than at King's Hall with the boarders. We had such a busy time building snowmen and playing in the snow that we were more than ready to gobble up the feast that Mrs Masters and Mrs Willmott prepared. This was a weekend we definately won't forget!

A note from boarding pup Snoops...

This week the junior boarders had me fooled for a while.They introduced me to a very cute little puppy called Mini Snoops.I was totally taken with this new bundle of fluff and very excited about having a canine friend in the boarding house. Having sat for a few moments admiring the pup and giving it a good once over sniff and lick, I realised that there were some muffled chuckles around me. It then dawned on me that pup was a hoax; I’d been taken in……they got me!

Our Weekend Rocked!

Published on: Monday, January 21, 2019

After a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning we were straight off to Exeter for a fun filled day of rock climbing at Clip 'n Climb. From the speed, agility and flexibility the children displayed, we are now convinced that 90% of the boarders must be related to Spider-Man, Mr Jones, Miss Macgregor and Miss Beecher, not so much!

The children spent the day conquering spherical climbs, racing the clock and attempting the stairway to heaven. They all had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back!


Published on: Monday, January 14, 2019

With 56 boarders, casual boarders and a boarding dog the boarding house is buzzing. The first week back is always a shock to the system but it didn’t take

us long to get back into the swing of things.

This weekend we made the most of the mild weather and spent Sunday morning on the beach. The children had great fun paddling in the sea, rock climbing, wave dodging and playing football, rugby and frisbee. Once the games were over we settled down to a delicious picnic-, however I did get the feeling our Spanish pupils and our GAP student thought we were a little crazy!

We are very excited about all the lovely things we have for the term ahead!

A message from our boarding puppy Snoops....

I am happy to report that 2019 has started well for me. After a relaxing Christmas break I was very excited by the return of my boarding friends. There have been so many exciting things happening as well as new boarders joining our happy house. I like these human puppies very much; they are very playful!

The thing I enjoyed most this week was the School Weekly Run. I joined in with the Year 5/6 run on Tuesday and the senior run on Friday. It was immensely good fun and the children enjoyed having some canine competition. Having four legs put me at an advantage but unfortunately i did not come in first position, I've been told that winning isn't everything and we are all working on our personal bests. I've taken some advice from our top country runners and I feel in a strong position to improve my personal time. Their two top tips were, not to spend so much time sniffing in the hedges around the field perimeters and not to concern myself about the teachers who aren't managing to keep up!


Published on: Friday, December 14, 2018

What a great way to celebrate the end of 2018 with all the boarders gathering together at the boarders Christmas feast. With near 80 children and staff we had a wonderful evening of delicious food, the Headmasters “Hall of Fame”, the infamous Staff Christmas panto and a visit form Santa himself. We would like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.

A message from Snoops

This week has made me realise, even more than ever, just how lucky I am to be a boarder at King’s Hall School.I am not going to say too many words as the pictures will speak for themselves.The week has been action packed with parties, reward times, Christmas lunches, nativity plays and the spectacular boarders feast.I simply loved the boarders feast as I got to eat a special Butternut Box Christmas dinner.This was followed by the staff pantomime, in which I had a walk on bit!Even though my role was a non-speaking part, I think I performed it like a pro! Just as I thought that it was all over, a very special visitor arrived. He was dressed in a red coat, wore a jolly smile and had a flowing, white beard. Can you guess who I am talking about? Well, all that’s left to say is, “Merry Christmas to you all and happy holidays. Woof!”

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