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Life's a Beach!

Monday, January 15, 2018 by Clare Masters

The first week back is always an exhausting one, and by Friday we had some very tired children (and staff!).

So, a really lazy weekend was in order. It was business as usual on Saturday, with activities and sports training, and then on Sunday we all headed out to the beach.

I think our Gap students were somewhat unimpressed by our beach! Minehead is cold, windy and very grey compared to the golden beaches of Australia and South Africa! No 'barbie' for them, just a pack lunch on the sea front!

Quite frankly I have a feeling that they think that we are slightly mad! But, nevertheless, the cold, brisk air blew away the cobwebs and brought a little colour (possibly chilblains) to our cheeks. Even Snoops enjoyed running along the beach and getting a natural blow-dry from the wind!

We do look forward to showing our Gap students more South West delights when spring arrives ... the beaches certainly look better when the sun is shining down, and who can say no to an ice-cream or two?

Hip hopping in the boarding house

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 by Clare Masters

Who would have thought you could get 17 Year 7 and 8 boarders hip hopping after only 1 lesson. Wow your children were amazing and they had the best night!

Jessica, a professional dancer, came in to teach the children to 'hip hop' with music blearing out and bodies grooving – I have to say it was just a joy to watch the children having so much fun and working together.

Yoyo, one of our Year 8 boarders, has been having hip hop lessons for many years and is an incredible dancer who inspired the girls and boys to learn.

We are having a 2 week trial and then I hope to get Jessica to come on a weekly basis for any boarders that want to continue.

Move over “Strictly” and make room for King’s Hall “Hip Hoppers”!

Fun at Crealy

Friday, September 22, 2017 by Clare Masters

Our boarders do have a lot of fun! Having stocked up on a full English breakfast and with lots of spare clothes packed, we headed off to Crealy Adventure Park for the day. And what a great day we had. The sun shone and the children went off with their friends and spent the day feeding animals, whizzing down death slides, firing water from boats, swinging high on the pirate ships, taking on water from the log flumes. Hysterical laughter could be heard across the park from the roller coaster rides.

I always try to take photos of all the children, but this week they were spread far and wide and try as I might, running around, camera in hand, I didn’t quite get everyone!

Take a look at our Facebook gallery.

Welcome Snoops!

Friday, September 8, 2017 by Clare Masters

It certainly has been a very busy time in the boarding house this week as we welcome 12 new boarders, and with some having never been to England before, it has certainly made for an emotional but an exciting week for us all.

I think if you ask any one of the boarders what has been the highlight of the week it would be “Snoops” our new boarding puppy who has distracted many homesick children and created a lot of love throughout the boarding house.

A special thank you must go to Mr Alastair Millburn, an old boy who spent many happy years as a boarder here at King’s Hall (Alastair also boarded at King's College for a further five years). He wanted to give a gift to the boarding house and last term the Year 8 children decided that the best gift of all – that the children and staff would enjoy – would be a dog.

Following much thought, discussion and research, it was decided the benefits for the children would be huge, and so we welcome “Snoops”, a 14 week old Cockapoo, to King’s Hall, who is adored by everyone.

Our final weekend of the Summer Term 2017!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 by Clare Masters

How lucky were we for our last weekend in the boarding house?! The sun shone and we had an amazing time. Sports Day for most on Saturday was an exciting and somewhat exhausting afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves. The Year 8s went off to a party in the evening while the rest of us chilled out. Sunday started outside at 10 am and didn’t stop until it was time to go inside to get ready for bed. So much fun was had on the 45 ft. long inflatable obstacle course and many a challenge was battled out in the gladiator ring. A picnic on the field was followed by more monkey mayhem and a swim. Then, a BBQ in the evening and a last jump around on the inflatables and everyone was suitably worn out and ready for bed.

This week will be a busy but fun week and for some an emotional week as we say goodbye to all our Year 8 boarders. They have been a fantastic group of children whom we will miss very much but we wish them well on their next journey in life. Wishing you all a relaxing and wonderful summer.

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