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What a beautiful day, today, on which to host our visitors to this term’s Open Day. As is so often the case, the children provided the wonderful affirmation that education at this age is a terrific world of which to be part. Both those visiting and those already at King’s Hall inspired the adult generation with their eagerness, enthusiasm, willingness and carefree charm: a real turbo-boost to the spirits on what is a positive day anyhow. A particular well done to Harrie and Max for sharing their insights with a full Pemberton Room – you were both just great!

Thank you to everyone for your support of the Autumn Fayre last week and certainly to those amongst you who ran a stall. I have handed out many prizes for various sideshows and announcements – including staff and parent names – have been made in assembly. We should have a figure for the amount raised very soon but it does look as if your efforts and generosity have led to a sizeable total from just a couple of hours on what was a slightly damp afternoon.

I was home alone on Wednesday night and so was looking around for a bite to eat. We all have some things at the back of the fridge, or in a cupboard that have been there a little too long. In ours we have a jar of preserved lemons. Now I know the ‘clue is in the question’ about how long they might last …. but these have definitely been there years rather than months! We have recently asked your children to consider bringing something to donate as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations and I’m sure you will not do as I heard in a news item recently whereby donations to a foodbank included tins which were 46 and 35 years old!

I’m certain the food for the Paella evening will be a little fresher, too, so don’t forget to sign up – you can click here if you wish.

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