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Why Study Art?

Why Study Art?

The Art department forms the visual heart of King's Hall School, where children are encouraged to think creatively and imaginatively, to develop enquiring minds and work in a wide range of media and equipment to create 2D and 3D, as well as digital and computer manipulated outcomes.

Pupils are given the opportunity to explore an exciting and varied curriculum which embraces, amongst many topics, cultural and identity themes. It is underpinned by contextual studies, exploring artists, craftspeople and designers from a broad spectrum of art movements, enabling pupils to make informed judgements between their own work and that of others.

Get Creative

Get Creative

The Art room also welcomes children to enjoy a multitude of co-curricular activities, holding weekly Art Clubs for both juniors and seniors and ensuring that all age ranges and abilities are enabled to pursue individual passions and talents. From drawing, painting, papier maché and murals to scenery painting for school productions, the Art Room is always a constant hive of activity.

Art Scholarship candidates work towards producing a portfolio comprising three major pieces, experience art first hand through trips to major Museums and Galleries and gain a heightened understanding of techniques and processes. A pleasing number of our pupils are awarded Art Scholarships at senior schools.

Art is a whole school experience and we often work together with the Pre-Prep and King's College on a major theme, especially during the annual national 'Big Draw' event.

As we are proud of our pupils' successes, we enjoy the opportunity to showcase their achievements throughout the school in permanent displays. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that Art is enjoyable, accessible and allows pupils to reach their full potential.

Specialist Art

Specialist Art

Art Scholarships require a dedicated approach and a clear passion and appreciation for Art. Over the course of a year, pupils will start as 'Art Specialists', working towards building up an enhanced portfolio, demonstrating research, investigation, development of ideas, connections between their own work and that of other artists and art movements; finalizing in an outcome reflective of this journey.

Pupils attend a weekly scholarship group and are set three main projects; an accompanying sketchbook is produced for each theme. A range of topics and techniques are covered and a wide range of media experienced both in 2D and 3D. A vast proportion of the work is completed independently and past candidates, successful at scholarship level have undertaken separate projects and maintained journals of their own volition.

Candidates are assessed and those that go forward to the interview process are encouraged to visit museums and galleries to support their studies, this is in addition to trips made with the school. A great deal of work is involved in the Art Scholarship and this is more than equalled with the amount of pleasure derived from the whole experience.

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