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​As a Woodard School, King’s Hall:

​As a Woodard School, King’s Hall:

1. Grounds itself in Christian belief, teaching and values, celebrating that faith in creative and meaningful ways through worship

2. Fosters the virtues of faith, hope and love in all aspects of its life as central to its Christian ethos

3. Welcomes inclusively those of all faiths and none

4. Believes in the unique value of each individual regardless of race, gender or creed

5. Pursues academic excellence with a commitment to good teaching and effective learning

6. Aims to prepare each young person for the future by means of a full and rounded education

7. Provides outstanding pastoral care within a supportive community

8. Strives to build a community which reflects family life with mutually respectful and warm relationships

9. Nurtures self-respect and self-esteem, high moral values, responsible citizenship and a commitment to the service of others

10. Strives to be outward-looking, working with others in the local and wider community for mutual benefit

Please click here for our 'Statement of Ethos and Aims'

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