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A Balanced and Challenging Curriculum

A Balanced and Challenging Curriculum

Our pupils receive a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum delivered by enthusiastic, dedicated and flexible teaching staff.

The King’s Hall approach is very much based on individual needs, and we continually monitor, assess and record to identify strengths and difficulties and adapt teaching strategies accordingly.

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies

Our Learning Strategies department works closely with subject teachers to tailor individual programmes for pupils with extra needs to ensure they achieve their potential.

Teachers communicate closely with parents through regular planned meetings and are always on hand to discuss individual pupils.

This approach ensures that the pupils feel confident and supported in their learning while also having time to enjoy each subject.

<h2>Small Class Sizes</h2>

Small Class Sizes

​Class sizes are small, ensuring that each pupil receives a high level of individual support. A variety of teaching methods and technologies are used to make lessons interesting and fun. The curriculum is supplemented by a carefully planned programme of visits and trips, and learning is supported by regular and relevant preps.​



During Year 8 each pupil takes either Scholarship or Common Entrance exams to the senior school of their choice. Preparing children for these exams sets them up with the knowledge and skills they will need during the next phase of their education with the added benefit of making GCSEs seem far less daunting.

Our experience is that pupils taking Common Entrance do better at GCSE. We are the only school in Taunton to offer this option.

Future Options

Future Options

Our academic approach allows for flexibility when choosing a senior school for your child. There is no need to decide your son or daughter’s entire school education while they are very young, instead you can wait until you are sure of the best fit for their needs.

While most pupils choose to continue their education at King’s College, there are a number of other schools which pupils move on to. Recent destinations include Bryanston, Harrow, Radley and Sherborne. The headmaster would be delighted to advise you on senior schools.

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Our next Open Day will be taking place in May 2019.

Open Days are an ideal way of looking around a school to see if you think this might be the one for you and your child.

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