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Today started with real gusto.

St David’s Day brought a triumvirate of wonderful Welsh women to our assembly (a Welsh Assembly?) as the three Housemistresses from the College were true to their birth nation and gave us greater insight into Welsh dress, language and song – oh, and a little reflection on the events of last Saturday! It was great fun and included a lovely harp recital from a Third Form girl, too. Huge thanks to the Mrs Cashmore, Jones and Edwards for pepping up our start to the month: do come and see us again.

We also had the big draw for our House Music Competition House songs. House Music is on 29th March at the end of term. It might not have escaped your attention that this is due to be the day we leave the EU and so we decided on a Brexit theme for possible song choices. At the beginning of term, a whiteboard was put in the staff room for people to make song title suggestions. A fabulous collection grew from Everybody Hurts by REM to Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash. I took a photograph of the board and will be sure to share it in the programme for your amusement on the final day of term. The four songs to be sung are: Hello, Goodbye (Beatles); Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis); When I’m Gone (Anna Kendrick) and The Final Countdown (Europe).

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