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Half term is upon us and it brings a well-deserved pause for rest for the children (and all the adults around them here!), who have been giving a huge amount to their schooldays: I hope that recharging the batteries with enough sleep is part of the programme over the next fortnight. A week of concerts, trips, matches, fieldwork and Plus Rewards have made for another purposeful few days to end this first session of the year.

I have enjoyed catching up with the new staff this week and it has been impressive to see them all make such a positive impact in a short space of time. They have integrated without a hitch and it feels as if they have always been part of the furniture. I am glad, too, they have all enjoyed getting stuck into life at King’s Hall – at least that’s what they told me!!

The second half of term will bring Fireworks (do get your tickets in advance) and Remembrance pretty swiftly, followed by The Lion King performances then, as we move into December, Carol Services, Nativities and Christmas celebrations will be upon us.

That all lies ahead and for now I trust you will find some time to enjoy each other’s company – even this girl who said at lunch “Well, actually I’m not that excited about half term ‘cos it’s quite fun at home but it’s always fun when I come to school.”

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