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What a busy fun packed weekend we have had: a movie night, matches, dog walking, hot chocolate with whippy cream, another England win, and 2 birthday pizza party’s on Saturday.Football training and horse riding on Sunday, phew I’m exhausted just thinking about all that the children have been up to.

Movie Night was a great success the children enjoyed hot dogs and chips then went off to the Arts Centre to watch Minions on the big screen whilst tucking into popcorn and strawberry ice cream. Some made the extra effort to dress up, one child even wore a fantastic 'Minion' onesie! The Arts Centre was full of giggles as we all laughed at the unique language and mischievous behaviour of the Minions. We even got to see some impressive cartwheels from some very enthusiastic gymnasts from Year 2 sitting in the front row!

Horse riding is a new one for us and 6 of the boarders wanted to ride, 4 who have never done it before. We couldn’t have asked for a better day – well maybe a few degrees warmer! The children were amazing, Jemima rode Dolly and as an experienced rider just hopped on, and off she went whilst the others weren’t quite so quick! Once all seated somewhat precariously, the children were led down the road to the main indoor riding area. I did have to laugh, that sort of hysterical laugh, when I was asked if I wanted to lead a horse, the only reason I got out the car was so that I could take photographs, I can assure you I stood well away and thanked the Lord for the good zoom my camera has! Luckily Miss Hammond took the reins and off they all went. Once the children had got the basic idea of walking, trotting and steering they went off for a hack. It was a great morning and the girls had so much fun we must thank the very patient staff and horses at the “Hobby Horse Riding Centre” who looked after us very well and I know the girls are all looking forward to next weekend’s lesson.

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