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A few excerpts from my week in note form for you…

Last weekend I was in Edinburgh for a Dublin Group meeting – yes, I know it sounds wrong!? The Dublin Group (I’ll explain why the name if you ask) is a collection of Heads from similar but geographically apart schools who meet annually and this year we gathered at Fettes College for a very beneficial couple of days sharing ideas and experiences. The fact that it was Calcutta Cup weekend was entirely coincidental (honest – we didn’t have tickets!) but there was quite a buzz in the city. The Scottish team had an informal ‘secret’ run out at Fettes late in the morning and our train went right past Murrayfield about an hour before kick-off so we certainly knew the event was on.

On Tuesday, I was chairing an IAPS District meeting which was another chance to catch up with Heads, but from a more localised area this time. I returned to the Lent Concert about which I won’t say much - other than it was truly excellent - as I think Mr DJ has more than covered it in the newsletter. Equally, the terrific musical success at the Festival gets a mention: very well done to a huge number of children on a very enjoyable and successful couple of weeks.

Thursday kicked off with Father Mark putting ash crosses on our foreheads and, as the day progressed, news filtered through that the U13 boys’ hockey team had qualified out of the regional championships from a group including Clifton, Port Regis, Hazlegrove and Millfield to go through to the National Finals – not bad, that. My Thursday ended in excellent company and thank you to the Friends of King’s Hall for another brilliant Quiz Night. Masses of fun was had with a good amount of head scratching and regular interjections of ‘Oh, I knew that!’.

In the morning, I’m off to Doha for a formal announcement of the school out there. Fly early, land late, sleep, gatherings at the Embassy with Sheikh Mansour Al Thani, the Ambassador and representatives of the Supreme Education Council for announcements and photos during the day, quickly squeeze in the Italy v England game if possible and then back on a plane late Sunday night to return early Monday morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful half term and the children return rested. They, and the staff, deserve it.

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