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A new school year. Monday morning brought that fabulous hour at the very start with little vignettes to enjoy all over the place...

Recent leavers on the portico wearing a new uniform (sleeves too long!) about to head off to the College for a new adventure. Next to them, new sixth formers in their own clothes, terrifically smart and standing proud. The boarders come down the stairs for the first breakfast, hair neatly brushed, ties straight, quieter now than they will be in a few weeks’ time! The ‘oohs and aahs’ as children arrive to new sights. Reception children arriving for their ‘first day at school’ as they leave the Nursery years behind. Reception parents stopping to be mindful of this not insignificant moment in time!

And then, with almost no pause, we are into the full routine of school life as children head into the woods, get changed for games, are the first to have a lesson in the new Science labs, new exercise books are handed out (I used to love that!), lunch is served, Hobbies happen, preps are set (I used to love that a little less!) and it is as if the holidays never happened.

I hope you have all been able to slip into the morning routines without too much discomfort and subsequently enjoyed a productive first week of term. We have Bloodhound here on Monday and Tuesday - the fun just keeps coming.

Quickly back to Monday morning and I will finish with a comment I overheard as I walked through the West Wing arch: child new into Year 7 and Mr Thomas’ tutor group…… “Sir, Mrs Thomas has told us about your baked beans!”. The mind boggles!

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