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Have you ever wondered how well a shoal of barracuda or halibut might sing? How they sound in harmony, or perhaps as an unintentional counterpoint against each other? That’s where I started my day today, swilling around the fish tank that was Mr DJ’s hymn practice. For what it’s worth, the barracuda started in his mind as shrimp then quickly morphed to lobster but ended up as barracuda! What did that man eat for breakfast this morning?

We head into the first Long Weekend of term amidst a real sense of purpose in the air at King’s Hall as we power ahead on all cylinders: another packed edition of the weekly Newsletter makes for good reading. It includes an invite from the Friends of King’s Hall about the Pop-Up Thai restaurant which I draw your attention towards.

On Wednesday, the biannual School Photo went off as smoothly as I can ever remember. The children were brilliant - it is always quite special to gather as an entire community and particularly to see in front of you the youngest to oldest children. It does lead one to reminisce about memories of the older ones when they were in Year 4 or Reception or Nursery and to be curious about the future for those just setting out: with all this time passing I must be getting close to 21 by now!

Speaking of photos – here is a very recent one from our King’s ‘Family Album’. As we come to the end of three weeks here, King’s College Doha comes to the end of its first. You can see on our website some more photos (click here for a link) of the stunning new facilities along with many happy children arriving for Day 1. KCD staff visited here last year and there has been a lot of hard work by them to get to this point. We wish them all good fortune as they move deeper into this term and beyond.

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