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A Lesson from the Heart

This is certainly a different way of looking at one of our favourite school spots. Where do you think we are hiding… https://t.co/q3wrb9n39z - 13 hours ago

Things took a slightly different turn in Year 4 science this week as pupils rolled up their sleeves ready for a rather gruesome lesson.

As part of their continued studies on healthy living, the children have been investigating the heart and its intricacies. So, in order to give them a first-hand look at this vital organ, Mr Hayden, with the help of Mr Hands and Mrs Baker, brought in a pig heart to demonstrate just how complex it really is!

The session began by looking at diagrammatic representations before moving onto a dissection. Despite the gross factor, the children were fascinated – well, those who remained in the room at least! This interactive element allowed the pupils an opportunity to observe and examine the major chambers, vales and vessels before comparing it to other mammalian organs.

Commenting on the lesson, Mr Hayden said: “Lessons such as these are a vital part of our science teaching here at King’s Hall. Information about healthy living arguably has the largest impact on our individual lives. It also helps to increase their interest and fascination with the human body.”

He added: “All of us benefit from a healthy lifestyle and the children have really taken the topic seriously, which is fantastic.”

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