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January can always seem a rather long month owing to dark mornings / evenings and the gloomier weather, coupled with the post-Christmas slump that can leave us all with a touch of the ‘winter blues’. That is unless you are a teacher of infant aged children! After just one week into the new term I already have a wonderful list of things children have said that have brightened my day due to the inadvertent humour ensconced within their words. As it would be selfish to keep these to myself I thought I would share them with you and spread the January joy!

Whilst sharing a book with a Year 2 child which featured a reference to a music ‘tape’, we discussed what this might be. The response put me firmly into the dinosaur era, “an old-fashioned CD they had hundreds of years ago.” Having swallowed my dignity I then ventured to ask the child if they enjoyed music, to which they replied they did. I then asked if they had a favourite song, and again they affirmed they did but did not know what it was called. This should have been my cue to stop pursuing this line of questioning as when I asked if perhaps they could sing the song for me (in the hope I could redeem my archaic self by showing how cool I was by knowing the song too), the child replied, “I think it would be inappropriate. I don’t think you would like the words.” I have to admit I literally laughed out loud, whilst admiring the child’s honesty and respect at the same time!

Reception have recently been super excited about the discovery of some Dinosaur eggs at school and were keen to tell everyone they met all about it. The bewildered looks on the faces of kitchen staff, grounds staff and Prep teachers were a joy to behold as the children babbled away at them in 4 year old language not worrying that their audience did not have a clue what they were referring to. However the highlight came when one child approached me to ask if I would let Mr Chippendale know the exciting news. Having not heard properly what she had asked me first time I asked her to repeat what she had said, (her response will be a highlight for many years to come) “please could you tell Mr Chippendale, you know, your dad, about the dinosaur eggs… I think he should know!” I assured her I would be delighted to let him know!

During an introduction to Hinduism with Year 2 we were talking about the idea of reincarnation and karma. The children were quite rapt by this new knowledge and had many questions to ask. However one child obviously found it all a bit over-whelming as at his tender 6 years of age he raised his hand and said, “we don’t believe in that do we?”, to which I replied with confirmation that as Christians we believe in heaven. His response to this news was a notably visible exhale of relief together with a proclamation of, “Phew! I’ve only got enough energy to do this once!”

I am sure there will be many more of these priceless gems to keep the Pre-Prep staff smiling all winter long; what lucky souls we are!

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