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Father Mark’s Chapel service this week touched on the fact that over the next few months we might all come across the odd moment of doubt or uncertainty or apprehension or even perhaps fear and dread when confronted with a trial. He included adults – age doesn’t always help! – and for children he suggested it might be Common Entrance or school exams, trying something for the first time, speaking in public, moving on to a new school or something of a similar ilk. He quoted Moses and encouraged us to take heart: rarely will you be entirely alone, rarely will you be the first to have faced the trial and rarely has anyone before you not ‘survived’. He said, ‘when the moment comes, “Do not be afraid, stand firm”’.

With all the political machinations continuing apace across the globe it is something of a pleasure to retreat into the haven that is King’s Hall for the next three months and be reminded of the beautifully unsophisticated joy (with the odd low if someone won’t share their tuck with you) that exists in the lives of children. The Summer Term should bring plenty to smile about and already the sense of spreading out due to better weather is liberating and uplifting: who needs Mindfulness sessions when we’re lucky enough to have it all around us here?

The fields have been covered from one end to the other with summer sports: the girls have made a positive start to the sporting term and it has also been a strong beginning for the boys looking at the scores against Clifton later in the Newsletter. The 1st XI boys played the first round of the Bunbury National Cup yesterday having won through to be regional champions. The stats are worthy of note as in this 25 over knock-out competition they batted first scoring 223 for 0 with both James Rew and George Thomas reaching centuries on the way: the crowd were treated to a feat you won’t see very often in any cricket and certainly incredibly rare at this age. Happily, the boys also bowled and fielded well thus comfortably progressing to the next round of this prestigious competition.

So fully underway, as you’d expect, and with many exciting ‘challenges’ ahead I can see Father Mark’s wise words being put into action as we forge onwards through the term. Don’t forget we’re not in on the Bank Holiday.

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