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The excitement of Christmas as December nears fell upon all of the boarders this weekend as we ventured into town for a bit of Christmas shopping. The town was buzzing with people and after eventually finding a space for the King’s Hall minibus, the children were allowed a little freedom to explore the shops and hunt down those special gifts for their nearest and dearest. The boarders also allocated some of their pocket money to spend on decorations (Poundland was very popular for fairy lights and tinsel!). They were keen to spread the Christmas spirit, but I think there is definitely some competition going on between the dorms!

Throughout the rest of the day the Year 8s visited King’s College and were treated to a small taster of what goes on in their subjects; they all brought back some magnificent work.

The girls even had a little time to give their new common room a bit of a transformation with a lick of red paint. Of course, new outfits were required as protective equipment, designed by the girls themselves out of bin bags, yes just standard bin bags and didn't they look fabulous!

girls painting

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