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First thing this morning I was pond dipping at the front of the school with Year 4 – great fun and another reminder about the excitement of life viewed through younger eyes. Caddis fly larvae, water beetles, expanding tadpoles and even little newts were amongst the many creatures discovered. There was one magnificently squirmy wormy that certainly brought out some giggles.

I then moved on to the 8S presentations which concluded the children’s projects on someone or something that has inspired them. The topics included, but were not limited to, the impact of mathematicians, philosophers and scientists from Late Ancient Greece; how communications have developed; the change in female fashions over the centuries; London; writers influenced by their World War experiences and the overlooked, unrecognised Nikola Tesla. All good stuff and I, for one, learnt many new things.

The day has ended with Senior Sports day and the weather was kind allowing much running, jumping and throwing to take place. With those competing for friendly bragging rights at the sharp end, as well as those setting new PBs or doggedly working hard to earn house points, there was a lot of fun and good competition on display.

In contrast, whilst today has been full of some of the wonderful core activities of our school here, just a few days ago I was in the Rolls Royce showroom on The Pearl in Doha, hosting an event to promote King’s College Doha whose opening is rapidly approaching. The theme was ‘The Best of British’ and we were delighted to have representation from the British Embassy. On top of that, British Airways, M&S and Molton Brown had got wind of the event and asked us if they could be present, too: it was certainly a jolly evening with many parents and influencers who all valued our style of education.

Just before we head into half term, we have said goodbye to Harriet Crocombe who has worked with the Office team and on Reception for the last year. Harriet leaves us to work much closer to her home in Wellington and we both thank her for all she has done and wish her well in the future. We will be welcoming Louise Reynolds after half term, who will be on Reception in the mornings, working opposite Lorraine Baker who works afternoons.

So, here’s to a good rest ahead for everyone. Hopefully the illnesses around will disappear and for many it will be a relief to have their exams behind them. For those taking Common Entrance after half-term, it is a time to recharge whilst keeping on top of any last minute tweaks to their preparation. The second half of this term is one of those short sprints with only four weeks but there is a great deal to look forward to as we ‘spring into summer’. We are off to the Hay Festival for a couple of days and will be under canvas so fingers crossed for some more dry days. Have a good week everyone.

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