2020 Vision


King’s Hall School and King’s College are special places today because of bold decisions and sacrifices made in the past. We owe a great debt to the vision of those who came before us. The facilities we enjoy were painstakingly created over many decades by people who refused to sit still and rest on their laurels. Today we have a responsibility to do the same: to perpetuate these lovely schools for future generations. Life always moves on, and so does education. King’s Hall and King’s College need to be shaped today so they are fit for the world tomorrow.

At King’s Hall we have inherited a fine set of buildings and facilities in a wonderful setting, testament to the vision and generosity of those who have gone before us. In recent years we have added significantly to them.

We have purchased additional land at the front of the school allowing us to create a sweeping vista, an additional playing field and gain access to wildlife lakes. Similarly, at the side of the school we have bought fields that have enabled us to increase our sports pitches and enlarge our Forest School. We have also benefited immensely from the development of the sports hall, theatre and astroturf pitch.

Now, however, there is a desire to modernise the learning environment for academic subjects. A new suite of bright, airy, modern and bespoke classrooms would be a transformational addition to the heart of the school, with the powerful knock-on effect of freeing up other spaces and creating a whole new focus in the school’s landscape. Our planned new state of the art teaching space will unite currently separate parts of the school, while enabling the teaching of design technology, art and science to take a giant leap forward in advanced new facilities.

A covered corridor adjoining the building will become one of the school’s central passageways, providing a new focal point for the life and energy of our school community.

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